Safety Guidelines


In endurance events any combination of environmental factors (high temperature, high humidity and sun) along with prolonged or intense activity can cause heat stress. Heat stress can sometimes lead to serious injury and potentially death. You will be contacted if a heat alert is issued.

In the event that there are extreme temperatures the event will continue based on the following compulsory requirements:

1. STOP for regular breaks in the shade, cool down, get wet – use the showers at the Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC) along the route, public toilets, taps in reserves and the ocean to wet clothing/head and ensure regular hydration. Drink cold drinks, and use ice to actively cool under the arms, groin, and neck area.

2. Begin drinking water early, remind one another often and start drinking well before you get thirsty.

3. Wear weather appropriate clothing.

4. Wear a hat or alternative light headgear that protects your head from the sun. Use sunscreen appropriately.

5. First Aid staff are there to help: if a participant feels unwell or starts to present signs of heat stress, please contact them at your nearest checkpoint or call Event HQ.


The Mighty Long Walk will be held at the beginning of the bushfire season, when back burning may be in progress. Participants must observe bush fire regulations including not smoking or lighting fires. Should a bushfire affect the trail during the event, participants will be notified at the briefing. We will not be in remote bush at any time but it pays to be careful.


Heat is our number one safety concern. Walking long distances in full sun can be potentially dangerous if you don’t drink enough. Drink regularly, jump under cold showers at surf clubs or council locations, wear a cooling collar and walk slower to prevent heat issues.


Please follow The Bloody Long Walk route. If there is heavy rain or extreme winds we will advise of an alternative route. Do not undertake direct water crossings at any time; all routes have been devised with your safety in mind and do not include water crossings.


We will contact you if electrical storms are forecast on the event day.


The Mighty Long Walk route includes areas where there have been snake sightings. Participants should follow general safety precautions when walking in areas inhabited by snakes. We suggest wearing long pants and sturdy shoes, looking where you are walking (snakes like to bask in open areas) and carrying a first aid kit with snakebite bandages.

It is unlikely that anyone will be bitten, but if this does occur, the first aid advice contained in the St John First Aid fact sheet on snakebites should be followed:

This includes applying a bandage, not moving the patient and calling an ambulance on 000.

Will medical support be available along the course?

Medical teams will be located along the route. If you are feeling unwell please report to the nearest official or medical personnel as soon as possible. If you see a fellow participant in distress, please report the incident by calling the Project Manager, see a member of the event crew or medical team member. In an emergency please dial “000” and report the exact location of the incident.